Simplify the WordPress interface with CMS plugins

Whilst WordPress is really easy to use,  there are a couple of CMS WordPress plugins I install, depending on the project, to help make the editing interface more friendly.

CMS Tree Page View is useful for websites with more than a handful of pages. It presents a hierarchical tree of pages in the dashboard, pages can be opened for editing and reordered by drag and drop. This makes managing pages much quicker than accessing them by the pages menu option.

White Label CMS has lots of useful bits and bobs to help make WordPress look more like a CMS but what I really like it for is turning off: menu items that aren’t used, the “update” message that appears at the top of the screen, page/post meta boxes and the screen options pull down menu.

With any CMS, the goal should be to make editing as simple and intuitive as possible, WordPress is almost there, these two plugins just provide the extra options to help.

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