Brighton WordPress Website Maintenance & Management

WordPress website maintenance and support for businesses who need a helping hand to keep their websites updated.

Backups & Updates

WordPress is a powerful content management system suitable for running small to large enterprise-sized websites. Its ecosystem of plugins allows for easy addition of functions and services, often with minimal coding needed. Over time WordPress websites require regular housekeeping to keep them running efficiently and securely. Out-of-date plugins may cause a security risk, or they might stop working and cause issues in the display of your website.
To keep your WordPress website running smoothly, I can help with:

  • automatic or manual backups
  • WordPress core and plugin updates
  • fixing or removing plugin errors
  • security plugins
  • setting up staging sites for testing
  • WordPress theme updates

Page speed performance

A website's speed may be reduced over time as it grows in size with more content, plugins, images and changes to code. Slow websites give a bad user experience and impact conversion rates. Google takes page speed into account when ranking website pages. I can help improve a slow website by:

  • installing and configuring a caching plugin
  • optimising images for speed
  • optimising code where possible
  • fixing any errors

Updating content

For busy businesses and organisations who don't always have time to add content I can help with adding:

  • news or blog posts
  • images & image editing
  • promotional marketing content
  • e-commerce products

New features & services

To develop your site further I can help with:

  • contact and data collection forms
  • Gravity forms including PayPal and Stripe payments
  • WooCommerce updates
  • events plugins
  • new page templates
  • design updates
  • addition of Google Tag Manager tracking code
  • SEO support
  • Mailchimp integration