Brighton WordPress Website Maintenance & Management

For busy individuals and organisations I offer WordPress maintenance and support at an hourly rate of £30. Services include the following:

Updating WordPress and plugins

WordPress should be updated regularly to keep it secure, receive performance benefits and improved features. Plugins also need to be updated for the same reason. I can help with regular backups, updates, testing and clearing out old plugins.

Improving page speed performance

A website's speed may be reduced over time as it grows in size with more content, plugins, images and changes to code. Slow websites give a bad user experience and Google takes speed into account when ranking websites. I can help improve a slow website by:

Updating content

For busy businesses and organisations who don't always have time to add content I can help with adding:

Adding new features or services.

To develop your site further I can help with:

If you'd like me to work on your website with you please get in touch for more info. Get in touch